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In the fourth quarter of 2015, an average paying user playing one of these games on China’s largest gaming platform, Tencent, spent between to , less than half the amount on YY’s dating service. Like other non-gaming services hosted by YY, the dating service has been counting on virtual gifts as their primary source of revenue.Launched in November 2013, the dating service generated over $100 million USD in virtual item sales in 2015, a 235% year-over-year increase.

Based on a popular dating show format in China, YY’s online dating show has a virtual stage that can accommodate up to five male and five female users, with a host moderating each session.

YY allows anyone to participate or apply to be a host.

YY’s online dating show platform revealed that the average revenue per paying user in the first quarter of 2015 surpassed $100 USD, and surged up to about $130 in the fourth quarter.

It’s a staggering spend, outpacing massive multiplayer online games (MMORPG), the previous top money-maker for many Chinese online services providers.

Anyone in the online ‘show room’ can send virtual gifts to participants or the host.

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