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Bring your 1960s and 1970s home movies, photos, flyers, and other print ephemera to BAMPFA for a Hippie Modernism–themed “show and tell” event.

Your photos and other print materials will be shared and documented for a Family Album zine, while films will be screened after being inspected by film archivists to make sure they are safe to project. Ten years ago, astronomers discovered a brief bright blast of radio waves that appeared to come from outside our galaxy.

Encompassing documentary, fiction, and experimental cinema—often in the course of a single feature—the films in this series intersected with and actively participated in emerging counterculture movements.

Described as "breathtaking," "ravishing," and "sublime," Maria Schneider's lush and evocative compositions have earned her five Grammy Awards and invited comparisons to fellow composer/bandleaders and jazz titans Duke Ellington and Gil Evans.

For more information about setting up a shared Tools repository, see this earlier post or KB 2004018.

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