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Michael XI.15 Meltdown XI.16 Parenting 101 XI.17 The Order of Things (part two) Lester Crane missions cont.

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Friedlander's "Psychiatric Evaluation" Trevor XI.31 Mrs. Philips/Damaged Goods XI.32 27 Peyote Plants Franklin XI.33 The Last One XI.34 The 28th Peyote button--play as Bigfoot XI.35 Make a copy of your save game &&&& XII Basic skins, modding (use at your own risk), music, and screen shot tutorial Modding section XII.1 Compressed File Utility XII.2 Web sites for skins and mods XII.3 Modding information and forums XII.4 Un-check the read only dot 1st XII.5 Make backups (and where to find other backup files) XII.6 Tools "[REL|V] Handling editor" by Sleepy93HUN "ASI loader" by Alexander Blade "Open IV" by Goo D-NTS "Script Hook V" by Alexander Blade XII.7 Installing most car, bike, or pedestrian mods XII.8 Skin viewing and editing XII.9 Peds How to change the scenarios performed by peds XII.10 Cars and bikes (TGIOPC) XII.10.a How to change their mass, ability to stay upright and hug the driving surface, ability to survive in water, cornering and braking, top speed, acceleration, suspension, durability, and miscellaneous jazz XII.10.b Game play advantages XII.10.c Making vehicles weaker or stronger XII.10.d How to create your own "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Freeway XII.10.e How to change their colors XII.10.f How to change their on-screen names XII.10.g How to change the chase cam of a vehicle XII.10.h 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air XII.11 Weapons and Attackers How to lessen or beef up the severity of attacks XII.11.a XII.12 Miscellaneous mods, etc.

XII.12.a "Simple Trainer for GTAV" by sjaak327 Radar/Map XII.12.c Graphics enhancement XII.12.d "i CEnhancer 2.1" by Hayssam Keilany aka i CE La Glac E "ENBSeries graphic modification" by Boris Vorontsov Total conversion XII.12.e "Vice City" mod for "GTA V" "Vice City Converted To GTA V" by taltigolt XII.13 Mod requests XII.14 Music MP3s and wav files How to save drive space with shortcuts XII.15 Screen shots and videos Fraps, the Easy Graphic Converter, and Virtual Dub How I make videos GTA V replays Video Editor &&&& I Introduction 2016-09-16 21-05-32-03_A day of in-game time goes by in 48 real-time minutes.

V.18 Complications Golf and Tennis are unlocked and the Random Events start to show on the map.

| |_/[ ]\/(/, (_)\/ / .g8"""dod OMP""MM""YMM db 2MMF' `7MF' .d P' `MP' MM `7 ; MM: `MA , V d M' ` MM , V^MM. ) V.13 Pulling Another Favor Stranger and Freaks--Tonya (Franklin) V.14 Pulling Favors Again Stranger and Freaks--Tonya (Franklin) V.15 Still Pulling Favors Stranger and Freaks--Tonya (Franklin) V.16 The Sex Tape Stranger and Freaks--Beverly (Franklin) V.17 Pulling One Last Favor Stranger and Freaks--Tonya (Franklin) Simeon Yetarian missions cont.

A Schedule Planner in Bobcat Security offices in North Yankton indicates the Prologue takes place in 2003--not 2004. 2013 so there's nine years (almost 10) between them.

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