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In one aspect, the functionalized ZIF comprises a [3C.

A functionalized ZIF of the disclosure can comprise more than about 7500 atoms and diameters of up to about 7nm.

A zeolitic framework, comprising the general structure: a plurality of the structure M-L-M, wherein M comprises a transition metal and L is a linking moiety, wherein the framework is selected from the group consisting of:13.

The zeolitic framework of claim 8, wherein the imidazolate or imidazolate derivative is selected from the group consisting of a substituted imidazolate; a benzimidazolate comprising a methyl-, nitro-, cyano, or chloro-group; an azabenzimidazolate; and an azabenzimidazolte wherein one or two carbon atoms on the benzimidazolate are replaced by nitrogen.16.

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