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Elsewhere, headdresses bob and sway, grass swishes and buxom bare bosoms bounce to rhythmic stamping and jumping; my soles feel the vibrations.

Young children dressed as miniature adults join in.

Not a very original chat-up line, I thought as I turned to reply.

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But it disciples the rest of the church through equipping the Awana club leaders with courage and joy in spreading the gospel.

Each Awana program is built upon leadership that is trained to reach children, like those who use our Leader-Based Strategy (LBS) curriculum.

Elaborate headdresses – some more than six-feet high and decorated with flowers, shells and feathers – rival any at Ascot.

In an hour-long procession, tribes enter the arena one by one, chanting and drumming. One tribe marches in military formation around the perimeter, spears at the ready.

The Post Office is Britain's largest travel money provider.

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