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Gender differences have also been reported with boys reporting using the internet for playing games and downloading music and girls reporting using the internet for email communication and school work.

It has been reported that one of the most common uses of the internet by young people is for research for school work and general information gathering.

Other activities include: downloading music, keeping in touch with friends by chat and email, and playing games.

The Virtual Global Taskforce draws on the expertise of specialist police officers, investigators and analysts.

Children have reported receiving unwanted sexual solicitations in chat-rooms, while using Instant Messenger, via email, when gaming and on message boards. Examples include: Adults who want to contact children can do so quite easily online, since personal information is often not kept private in the same way that it would be online.

Blocking or deleting the person from your contact list is another good thing to do, but make sure your parents or a trusted adult is aware of what has happened too.

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