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It’s been determined that almost everyone in society has got a bi side to them and will some time in their life either take part in bisexual dating or fantasize about it.

Famous psychiatrist Sigmund Freud introduced the term "innate bisexuality" that claims all humans are born this way and even though they become monosexual (heterosexual or homosexual) with age, it will remain an underlying factor in their lives.

"Polyamory" means responsible non-monogamous relationships where an adult is intimate with more than one other adult: e.g., open couples, group marriage, triads, and many other configurations.

The Seattle Polyamory (Sea-Poly) mailing list is a good starting point for Seattle-based people.

A lot of our members on the forums admit that they will never take part in dating someone who is bisexual but this doesn’t stop them from fantasizing or using that train of thought for foreplay.

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