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However he then wakes up distraught, wondering if he's fully sane to dream something like that. Italy, whom he himself became separated from Germany and Japan, spots him as he and Mr. Italy is ecstatic to see him, saying that he's lost just like him but Iceland insists that he's not and that he's looking for "The Magnificent and Enjoyable Tour through the Nordic Countries (Iceland included)" pamphlet.

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Puffin," and what differentiates him from normal puffins is his black belly and pink bow-tie. Puffin looks cute, but speaks and acts like a mafioso.

though they were changed to violet in later artwork (such as a chibi version of him and his manga design sheet shown in the guide for the movie).

In Episode 14 published in the March 2013 edition of Comic Birz, Iceland was unsurprised and appeared almost melodramatic when Finland introduces him last.

Denmark pokes his cheek in response, telling him he's "a key performer" but Iceland swats his hand away, telling him to cut it out.

A man comes to Iceland's home bringing his dry cleaning, containing 10 lopapeysas that Iceland left with him the previous year.

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