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It has several important functions at the shoulder: flexion, adduction (towards body), and medial (inward) rotation.

The pectoralis minor is a thin triangular muscle that lies beneath the pectoralis major and is responsible for similar functions.

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For a more detailed overview, see our Chest Workouts & Training Tips.

- Grasp bar with firm grip, hands shoulder distance or slightly more apart.

By September 2009, the police force had disbanded and the government dissolved.

Picher was a dead city.”“It’s not time for me to leave yet,” said Gary Linderman, owner of Old Miner’s Pharmacy in what is left of central Picher, located in the northeast corner of the state. We are all creatures of habit and closing might throw them off.”Because of historic significance, a church, mining museum, auction house and a building where mining equipment was sold will remain standing, though they are abandoned.

The area was declared the Tar Creek Superfund site in 1981, but most of the residents didn’t leave until 2006 when studies found that most of the town was in imminent danger of collapsing into the mines.

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