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One day she was chatting with my mother while I passed by that way and greeted her with a namaskar. Since there was less traffic on the road, I was driving a bit fast. She began to rub her lips on mine and I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and began to French kiss her. When I reached her house,she welcomed me in and we went straight to the bedroom. Rani Aunty was speechless and couldn’t say something so I took the situation in my hand and said-We started this today and we are doing it because Bhabhi was missing the sexual pleasure which she should be getting from your son.

She smiled and said-Arun,son,if you don’t mind,can you take Rani Bhabhi for some shopping? She agreed immediately and soon we were at the shop. She too responded and soon we are hugging each other hard and kissing too. She smiled and did so and opened my xipper to get my cock out. Soon we got rid of our clothes and I was busy in sucking her boobs which were tight and also pushed a finger in her pink pussy. We were busy in pleasuring each other when suddenly the bedroom door opened and Kamala Aunty came in and stood frozen when she saw us like that and then shouted-Rani,what the hell is going on here and Arun,my god you are also into this. Just put yourself in her position and think what you would have done if you are newly married and your husband would have left you immediately after marriage and gone abroad?

Being her all life in the village,she was a bit old fashioned and didn’t like her daughter-in-law Rani Aunty who was of modern thinking. Rani’s husband worked outside,she and Rani used to have difference in opinion and sometimes they quarrlled. Who will take care of me now and fulfill all my needs? I will look into your need and will fulfill your every desire. I parked the bike on the side and took Bhabhi to the nearby bush. After two days, Rani Aunty told me that Kamala Aunty was going to the village and there will be no one at the home.

She used to narrate the whole episode to my mother. She said-But sometimes slow and steady wins the race. When we reached there, Bhabhi immediately began to hug me and I also responeded. Its was a golden opportunity for me to fuck her so I agreed that in the pretext of study, I will be at her home at night and we will finish the unfinished business.

She widened her legs and I began to press my cock into her pussy.

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