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If evolutionary theory can help us to navigate this dizzying new world, we ought to be willing to listen. Humans have had to adapt to a wide variety of ecological niches, and we have done so with remarkable success, and part of that could be due to our sexual plasticity, which allows us to calibrate our sexual behaviour to fit our environment.” The dating apps here in India too are showing up new behaviours that could make for interesting academic study.

For instance, the girls get more matches than guys; girls think guys on the apps are desperate, and guys think girls, who are not desperate, should not be on dating apps.

International dating apps like Tinder, OKCupid, and Hinge too entered India, tweaking their marketing strategy to balance local values with global dating trends.

Not surprisingly, Tinder appeared to be almost the first choice of every person I spoke with.

The millennials are making their presence felt everywhere.

They have freedom and access like never before – riding on the touch of the magic screen on their smartphones.

None of them worked out, but the third was the edgiest of the lot, she tells me. “I was more interested in meeting like-minded people with whom I could grab a drink or dinner.

Chennai adult flirt

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