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by  |  13-Jun-2014 05:06

(Laughs) I have to ask my favorite question: who is your celebrity crush?

For me one hundred percent it's Leonardo Di Caprio. And I was on set with him once, I was doing a small part as a stewardess in INCEPTION, and I couldn't even make eye contact with him.

(Laughs) We were so busy shooting that one day, but there was definitely a moment when I was walking back to change or something and he just grabbed me and said "Mary Death, come over here!

" And I was like, "ohhh I don't know if I have time," and he said "sit here!

My mom was so disappointed; she asked me what I said to Leonardo when I met him, and I told her nothing, he was so overwhelmingly handsome.

She was like, "I am so disappointed in you, your whole life you told me what you were going to do when you met him." I was like, I can't just grab him!

The Hollywood Reporter remarked that Pitre "spectacularly fulfills her role’s physical and athletic demands", although dismissed the film as "utterly silly and derivative but also undeniably entertaining".

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