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High school teacher, Cheryl Bremble, 40, has been accused of talking with a special-needs student about her sex life with her boyfriend and for giving the student a "sex device" while on school property.

Believe it or not, in some states in America the law is so biased against male victims that it doesn't even recognize female on male sexual assaults. Education of police and having more female police officers has led to more sensitivity to claims that males are sexually assaulted and by females, according to some authorities on the subject of sexual abuse and assault.

There exists a clear and wide disparity between the sentencing of convicted female and male sex offenders.

Polk County sheriff's investigators this week say the English teacher had consensual sex with another one of her students over a seven-month period beginning in October 2011.

The 17-year-old boy was a junior in Fichter's English class at the time, and the two communicated with a texting application which the boy downloaded to his i Pod since he did not have a cell phone, according to an arrest report.

It's an issue that's getting national attention.

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