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This patch contains improvements for performance, AI and possession.

Possession now allows the player to directly attack and use abilities while controlling a creature.

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Dungeon Keeper 2 featured a more light-hearted tone compared to its predecessor with many humorous aspects added to creature's personalties as well as lines dropped by the omnipresent Mentor which continuously gives the player hints through the campaign.

Players are in control of a dungeon and their goal is to defeat the opposing hero/keeper in order to gain victory.

Until the contest is over, a second version of the map has been published with a different name.

To encourage map exploration I added one of the first upcoming changes: boosts.

Full Changelog: BALANCE o First waves starting time slightly increased in normal and easy maps CHANGES o Optimized how dig selection works, that should improve performance in multiplayer game o Drones dig and conquer AI greatly improved o Drones now run away in fear when encountering enemies o Creatures won't die anymore from hunger, however happiness of extremely hungry or tired creatures will decrease faster o Modified creatures drop stun duration depending on creature type, agile creatures will be stunned for less time compared to clumsy ones o Added boost items in all maps o Improved alert system with new icons and voice messages o Possession greatly improved and attacks during possession are now enabled (use left mouse for basic attack, right mouse for digging with drones and 1-2 for special abilities) BUG FIX o Fixed a bug that could cause a stop in the tutorial after building a level 2 spore cannon o Drones won't attack anymore while carrying an unconscious creature o Fixed defeat screen UI No articles were found matching the criteria specified.

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