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From Assuân to Edfu (about 48 miles) the banks are so high that even in the annual inundation they are above the level of high water, and consequently remain barren. Müller in the Didot edition of the second volume of "Fragmenta Historicorum Græcorum", and E. Müller in the Didot edition of Heroditus (Fragmenta chronographica, p. For the present the royal names are almost all that we can regard as certain for several of the dynasties.Near Edfu the valley widens out and becomes wider still in the neighbourhood of Esneh (Latopolis). Such is the case for the first two dynasties, which until about 1888 A. were considered by most scholars as entirely mythical.

The range to the left is somewhat farther from the river, so that most of the towns are built on the western bank. Monuments of these kings have been discovered in Upper Egypt and at Sakkarah, which shows that they must have ruled over the whole land of Egypt.

Near Girgeh (Abydos) begins the Bahr-Yûsef, Joseph's Canal. The various articles found in these royal tombs point to a high degree of civilization by no means inferior to that of the immediately following dynasties.

West of the Delta, in a depression of the Libyan Desert, lies the Wâdi Natrûn (Vallis Nitria), famous in early Christian times, under the name of the Desert of Scete, for its Coptic monasteries, four of which exist to this day. In Asia proper the pharaohs of that time sought no extension of territory, with the exception of a few points in the Peninsula of Sinai, where, as early as the First Dynasty, but especially since the time of Snefrû, they operated mines of copper and turquoise.

The low Nubian table-land through which the Nile meanders consists of a red sandstone, belonging to the upper cretaceous formation. As a rule on the northwest border they kept on the defensive against the raids of the nomadic tribes established on the Syrian desert and, like the modern Bedouins, always ready for plunder.

"There have been a number of arrests in the last few months linked to these applications," Cairo Scene quoted the unnamed source as saying.

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