Erotic chat simulator

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The man in the case study above reportedly lost his attraction to other men and got himself a girlfriend with whom he enjoyed “heavy petting”, though it's entirely possible he did so at least partly to avoid judgment.

Other papers have looked at groups of men who've undergone similar treatment and found that while it's unlikely anyone was “cured” of their homosexuality, at least some of the patients experienced lowered arousal as a result.

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But Oculus VR seems to be encouraging players to push through this simulation sickness in order to acclimatise to the experience, like sailors with seasickness: “Users do seem to acclimate over time.

So it may be that five years from now we all have our VR legs, very similar to how people get their sea legs.

But with people unable to predict what their individual sensitivity to Simulation Sickness might be, it's important to be aware of the potential risks, and to remember to practise safe simulation at all times.

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