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These feeds were captured through Yahoo infrastructure, but if Snowden has taught us anything, it’s that government hackers are neurotic completists; it is prudent to suspect that most or all major such services have been compromised as well.The documents refer to the period of 2008 to 2010, detailing a program called Optic Nerve that was designed for dragnet surveillance.The documents do refer to a genuine effort to weed out sexually explicit images, and to keep them from the eyes of agents, but those same documents make it clear that the efforts fell far short of success.

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You might even consider doing the dreaded Backup and Restore – but who was 10 hours to wait for that?

Kudos to Mobility Minded for figuring out a quick fix that at least worked for me.

When those two governments share data with each other more readily than with their own citizens, the loophole becomes obvious.

Even assuming that these agencies adhere strictly to the letter of the law, their ability to spy on their own citizens might be impeded only slightly, if at all.

Additionally, these feeds were subject to big data-style analysis the likes of which Orwell could never have dreamed; programs that automatically sift through the millions of feeds for good “mug shot” angles and other intel-friendly elements.

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