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Tindall's engineering corp and superior R&D team works to develop innovative products and solve complex customer challenges.

With an AFUE up to 95%, the K2 condensing boiler does an outstanding job of establishing a balance between high efficiency and high value.

Revo Lift VS provides the performance of highly specified induced gas flotation systems at a fraction of the cost.


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The Axia Film Cap Button panel is a useful and versatile tool in the Axia product line, however it can require an extensive amount of soldering of custom length 15-pin D-Dub cables to install.

If time is truly money (and it is) then the savings on a small or large project can be clearly realized.

In the diagram above, a 15 button panel is shown with the hookups to matching ports on an Axia GPIO x Node.

If this were a 5 or 10 button panel, then less ports would be required.

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