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Jacob was going to contact her that night (he was finally available! As Rachel awaited his call, she thought about what he would look like and wondered where they would go.Her phone buzzed with an incoming text, interrupting her reverie.

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Garrison, the elementary school teacher of the main characters, learns that he can sue the education board for a lot of money if he is fired for being gay, and does his best to ensure this happens. Slave as his classroom assistant, or, for short, "teacher's ass". Garrison get annoyed about the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy cast making straight people metrosexual. Garrison, and Kyle Broflovski went to New York to kill them.

His first major role was in "The Death Camp of Tolerance", in which Mr.

Numerous things are found up his ass, like bats, skeletons, dildos and even Mr.

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