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Some users who could benefit from a more functionally based vocabulary can seamlessly transition to Gateway 20-Teen from Gateway 20-Child.Gateway 20-Teen includes over 800 words along with features that help users form multi-word messages. Each folder contains a variety of words, messages or activity sets designed to increase a user’s participation in social situations, as well as educational and community-based activities.

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One page set has been left blank to be customized for the user.

Gateway 20-Child Gateway 20 Child Manual Gateway 20-Child targets preschool and school-aged children who communicate using 1-2 word messages and have the potential to improve their expressive language performance.

Vocabulary Gateway is a developmentally based set of core word vocabularies enabling efficient message formation by children-adults.

Theme pages support AAC use in school, play and the community.

Gateway 40-Child Gateway 40 Child Manual Gateway 40-Child targets school-aged children who communicate using multi-word messages.

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