Free sex dating site lithuania

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Many Lithuanian women have extraordinarily long hair with sexy blonde locks, so apparently, they are considered to be the most feminine and attractive women in East Europe.

Free sex dating site lithuania

The reporters job is to ensure I stay the villain to sustain national outrage, which provides them with viewers and listeners for cheap. Do you actually believe that things written in your books work? My books are “non-fiction,” which means they are true. My parents are Middle Eastern, so to have sex with white women of pure race is great form of pleasure for me. Are you still on Southern Poverty Law Center’s list? Also, breasts are not important to me, but Lithuanian girls usually have big breasts. I will obviously have to change my name and appearance. Had you heard anything about Lithuanian women before? I went to Lithuania because I wanted to perform the “Baltic flag sweep.” This is when a man sleeps with a woman from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

So when a Lithuanian reporter asked me for an interview, I was ready to say no. I agreed to the interview and gave her bogus answers that I hoped would piss off both the men and women of Lithuania even more. I noticed that no one in Lithuania is actually challenging my observations. If people do not call me sexist, then that means I’m a weak man. If I was born 5000 years ago, there is no way I could have sexual access to such beautiful and pristine women. (Capturing “flags” is a fun American game, but with sex instead of sports).

SO IF YOU DONT MIND SOME GREASE WI I play in a punk rock band.

We have been together for 2 years and play all the time.

Next time I visit Lithuania, I will lie about my money and status from the very beginning to sleep with 7’s and above.

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