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A TV9 Kannada reporter has argued that the channel has aired positive stories about the transgender community and that a few transgender persons are just ‘’troublemakers’.

Veena S, a member of KTS, who was also the first transwoman in southern India to run for public office when she contested the Bangalore municipal council elections in 2010, agreed that TV9 had shown them in a positive light in the past but was dismayed that Operation Anandi had reintroduced fear into the community.

Sowmya Shri, a gender minority rights activist, said: “Although TV9 has supposedly portrayed only a few transgender persons negatively, even seasoned activists are being mocked in public” Activists like Shri say that some of the achievements of transgenders during the past 20 years in gaining social acceptance have been have been punctured over the last few days by TV9’s Operation Anandi. If the paper can pull off the hike without losing circulation it will have shown the way to reducing dependence on advertising.

Appealing for media respect for transgenders, Akkai said: “Judge not, respect gender identity. The Sunday edition of the paper will now cost Rs 15.

The repercussions of this negative stereotyping of transgenders by the media have been movingly portrayed in the documentary The bias against transgenders is alive and well, judging by a recent TV9 Kannada programme titled “Operation Anandi”.

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