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We had been flirting all year long and she was very...

I want you to go down on him and I will follow shortly.

I was dating a guy in college who was a big frat guy. Well I let convince me to have sex with him and one of his brothers. I have a fetish for ******* other guys wives in front of them or behind their back. As a young single horny guy I developed an unhealthy desire to be with a couple sexually. Another guy and I were in bed with a woman and were taking turns ******* her.

Two men / ***** ravaging a woman and to her heart's desire and playing freely with each other's ***** with her as an active participant leaves me raging hard. My wife and I met a young guy one night and after some drinks came back home and told him he could stay as he was too drunk to try and drive.

Long story short, we all shared our bed with my wife in the middle.

I very much enjoy mfm fun with a nice drama free couple. I met a great couple living in Eugene Oregan, which is a 8 hr drive from where I ilive. I Love Phone Sex With Other Couples Friends Forever By: Me Written on November 15th, 2012 Once me and my best friend were off working out of town. One weekend my wife came to see me for the weekend. We had had a not so good sex life primarily because she wouldn't let herself go...wouldn't try too much.

That nigh, she admitted that she had many fantasies.

During the night I felt her moving and and she whispered to me, "he...

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