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"You have situations like you do in Charlotte where getting the video out there and help the public understand what happened is a timely fashion is important," Marshall said.

Most state open records laws already include provisions that allow withholding sensitive information involving personal privacy or law enforcement investigations, Marshall noted.

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Charlotte has been the site of civil unrest since Keith Lamont Scott, 43, was shot and killed by police officers.

Amid a growing outcry over police shootings of black men, many states are taking actions to restrict public access to police video shot by dashboard and body cameras.

While both cameras are pointed towards nearby doorways, it was discovered after installation that the cameras were zoomed out to a degree that allowed for the observation of students in their living space, which university officials acknowledged in an email exchange obtained by .

The correspondence also reveals that university officials had delayed responding to a request from the fraternity to adjust the zoom of the cameras, becoming responsive only after they grew concerned that some cameras had been covered up by fraternity members, who explained to that they resorted to obstructing the camera lenses after waiting for nearly a month for school officials to make the proper adjustments.

North Carolina's new law, when it takes effect, declares that police bodycam videos are not public record and largely lets the heads of individual law enforcement agencies decide whether to disclose footage, Marshall said.

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