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We know that there`s a cell tower near a restaurant, and we were told that the day she vanished, Vanessa, her family went to the restaurant looking for her, thinking that she might be in that area because, apparently, her cell phone had pinged from that particular tower. (END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: Missing photographer, a 25-year-old girl, Teresa Halbach, bone and teeth found on the property of Steven Avery, so badly burned. A Netflix documentary reels in record viewers, convincing viewers that Steven Avery is innocent in Teresa`s brutal murder. DAN O`DONNELL, WISN ANCHOR/REPORTER: If you can believe this, Nancy, his argument basically rested on the idea that because the two interrogators were telling Dassey it`s going to be OK, Brendan. (CROSSTALK) GRACE: Why is this judge, William Duffin, doing this?

Breaking tonight, a mystery man shows up at a nearby resort very close to where Vanessa is found dead, unclothed, burned in the woods, this mystery man covered in cuts and scratches and he blames the cuts and scratches on a motorcycle accident. The details are easy, just tell me what you guys planned and what you did. Also joining us, the actual prosecutor in this case, Ken Kratz, now the author of "Avery: The Case Against Steven Avery and What "Making a Murderer Gets Wrong." It`s available for pre-order on Amazon right now.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Visiting her mother in Princeton, went for a PM jog, disappeared and was found dead, naked and burned, in the woods. Ok, David Bruno, don`t just echo what your buddy, Troy Slaten, says.

(END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: Everyone, right now, several breaking developments in the search for the killer of Vanessa Marcotte. Is it her phone pinging off that tower, or is it her phone pinging somewhere else? I don`t know if she went by there with it, or if whoever killed her had it later. GRACE: My proceeds to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, go to UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is she screaming and saying stop what you`re doing? (END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: When I hear that, I can hardly stand it. That the investigators never did make any promises.

And is that killer related to the killer of another lady jogger at Queens, at Howard Beach? Michael Christian, what can you tell me about the developments in the ping that was so critical of Vanessa Marcotte`s cell phone? CHRISTIAN: You know, they haven`t released anything about it, Nancy. CHRISTIAN: We believe it`s her phone pinging off... Amazon books` Books-A-Million pre-orders come with an autographed manuscript page from "Murder in the Courthouse". To Dan O`Donnell, anchor/reporter with WISN who covered both the Steven Avery and the Brendan Dassey trials, it also appeared in the Netflix documentary, Dan, why did this judge, William Duffin, say that this interrogation was wrong? That amounted to the investigators making false promises to him and, in effect, coercing his confession. In fact, there was no single statement that they could point to that led to this ...

They would treat the person or take them with them. Now, how do we know that there was a legitimate crash?

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