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The Philippines really aren’t—outside of say, Manila, the Philippines really aren’t a huge bar culture.

And a lot of the girls at the very least try to put up a pretense that they are virginal and saving themselves for the right man. And also with online dating, you get all these trolls and idiots who say, “Ha, ha, you’re just taking advantage of these girls, you’re taking advantage, all they care about is your money, they’re just gold diggers, you know, they’re looking to use you for your money.” But with online dating, you’re going to be guaranteed that all the girls you’ll be finding that are on Filipino Cupid or whatever are going to be middle class or at least working class, because you don’t exactly get poor people from the slums.

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You know, your instincts as a man will carry you pretty far in the Philippines.

Now, when it comes to girls that you message yourself, basically do a search for, in the area that you’re going to be in, the city that you happen to live in or where you’re going to be visiting. Some of these girls have questionable English and you don’t want to scare her off.

If that’s your deal, you can check out Cherry Blossoms.

Personally, I’m not going to say too much about it because I haven’t used it personally.

They don’t exactly have Internet access out in the slums.

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