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With the benefit of his experience she'd be more worldly-wise and therefore more confident, and as he slowly pushed her thighs even further apart she knew she had him to thank for that.

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' he said, and watched the girl as she took a tiny sip of wine and then nodded again. 'And shall I show you what might happen if you were to tease - intentionally or unintentionally - some randy youth who couldn't control his urges? ' she asked, as Arthur's fingers finally reached the triangle of white cotton and rested against it.'It's all right,' he crooned.

He looked deep into her eyes, his fingers squeezing the smooth flesh of her parted thighs. She sat quietly and meekly, waiting to see what he did next, not knowing how best to react.

The wine glass was sloping precariously to one side in the loose grip of her delicate fingers, threatening to spill the last of its contents onto his sofa.

He carefully prised it from her, not wanting to break the spell, and stood it quietly on the carpet.'How did that feel, Emily? You'll thank me, I promise you will.'In Emily's drifting thoughts Arthur's voice sounded distant.

' he whispered, and there was a long silence while she tried to decipher how it felt.'Naughty... 'I think I should go home now and wait there...''But I've not finished the first part of your education yet,' he said. 'Emily's little tongue appeared and licked her lower lip, and then she nodded.'Good girl,' he drawled.'But I'm confused,' she confessed in hushed tones, her eyes still closed, her head still resting back. We shouldn't be doing this.''Nonsense, my dear,' Arthur coaxed. She could feel his fingers and thumbs stroking her thighs and touching her sex lips through her panties, and it did feel nice.

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