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Même si certains seront sûrement déçus, la jolie Bella Hadid portait bien quelque chose en dessous de sa robe, un "body de soie" cousu directement au tissu empêchant ainsi de tout montrer lors de la montée des marches.

Pour que le tissu tienne en place, la styliste a utilisé une méthode qui consiste à coller du tape sur le décolleté afin de fixer le tissu à la peau.

"Keep on being the real deal @robkardashian," she shared with the , Rob shared how she helped him through a dark time in his life.

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The former model said she felt "better" after having her implants removed, explaining to Erika that her husband, David Foster, was "great," and that the surgery itself was confirmation that she isn't crazy."That's the worst part of it. Lisa Rinna welcomed the newest addition to RHOBH in the only way that's right: by hilariously saying, "You know what's flashing on me more than anything right now?

When people think you're crazy," Yolanda tearfully said while flying on Erika's private jet. There's nothing worse than being an intelligent woman like me and people doubting what you're saying, including your family and friends."Later, Yolanda told cameras that she feels "pity" for the people that doubt her.

De plus, on peut confectionner votre robe selon les photos ou les images que vous fournissez.

Oui, votre robe sera confectionnée selon vos demandes.

mom is commending another reality star for being candid about his struggles.

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