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The new owners had replaced the rose garden in the front with gaudy annuals. I was nervous about what I’d find, and of what I wouldn’t.

My parents left Jaffna many years before the civil war began in 1983.

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My long-buried interest in my so-called homeland was suddenly awakened – not least because the last leg of our trip would be a three-day sojourn to the north, organized by Anis’s mother.

My dad’s house became the prime destination of the journey: In finding it, I hoped to understand him better.

My mother was only slightly more forthcoming than my dad when it came to her history.

One of the few bones she ever threw me was the story of how her father was almost killed by the Sri Lankan Army a few years after my parents came to Canada.

I learned from watching the people around me that the right response to the question “What are you?

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