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Establishing rewarding and lasting relationships with our patients is important to us.The entire team at Slave Lake Dental is committed to their patients’ dental health and well-being. Kian are our general dentists offering family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, braces, Invisalign care and much more.


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How does Tc99m Pyrophosphate localize in infarcted tissue? What is thallous chloride’s mechanism of localization? What type of photons are used for thallium imaging? What are some of the factors that define an electrically “positive” stress test? What characteristics of thallium allows us to perform stress and rest imaging in the same day? Where does MIBG localize for adrenergic neuronal mapping? What PET myocardial imaging agent is similar to Thallium-201?

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What is the rationale in evaluating for ischemia using an exercise stress test?

What does electrocardiography tell us about cardiac function?

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