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If it can't find out on that, you can narrow the search to just artist name or something else. In the playlist area it lets you of course create your own, but it also has a "smart playlist" generator.Since it keeps track of your listening habbits it can offer some advice for you :) It can give you advice per artist, album genre or songs you just have never listened to. Now, most people using Linux also use virtual desktops, so often times their audio player isn't even on the screen.

by Gwee Do767 I have been a faithful KDE user for a long time now.

I started back in the 1.x days on Redhat 7 (I think...can't remember if I used KDE with Redhat 6).

Apple came out with i Tunes and it basically rewrote the rules for how we deal with our digital audio collectoin.

It made it very quick and easy to find your music based on artist, album, genre or any number of other criteria.

Having gone from Redhat 7, to 9, to Mandrake to now Gentoo I have seen KDE through all its evolutions.

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