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The newly added Witchwood Saplings also require Liquid Essence to grow.1.1.0: Added Liquid Essence Lakes that spawn in magical biomes, making Liquid Essence more prevalent.Winners will be chosen by Valve, showcased at The International and receive ,000 each.

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Liquid Etherium is used as a fuel in the creation of neutral Etherium by an Obelisk as a replacement for transforming items into Essence.

In order to have the Liquid Etherium fuel the Obelisk, either a Liquid Etherium source or flowing block under the Obelisk as a source of fuel.

Liquid Etherium can be found in the various biomes of the Overworld in pools that are 2x2 or larger that can be up to three blocks deep and more than 5 blocks across, the latter only appearing in magical biomes.

Liquid Etherium has many characteristics similar to that of water, such as the ability to turn lava into obsidian and ability to flow seven blocks out when placed. Liquid Etherium is notably used to create the Arcane Compendium, by placing a book in an item frame nearby and waiting; however, Liquid Etherium, as of yet, does not have an Arcane Compendium entry.

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