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He left the school after his junior year and was taking classes provided by an online charter school. Her parents said they never approved of the relationship, but the two spent much time together.“If you found one of them, you found the other one,” said Jackson’s friend, Kaitlin Smith, who graduated with Brooks.

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Intimate partner violence is so serious the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention classify it as an epidemic. staff; “Teenage relationships abuse, a parent’s guide to violence and abuse in teenage relationships,” a publication of the United Kingdom’s National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children AWARE Inc., which offers shelter, support and other services for survivors of domestic or sexual violence, has a 24-hour crisis hotline, 517-783-2861.

For information about the agency’s Teen Club, which meets Mondays at the Martin Luther King Jr.

Christopher Boulter, who has studied psychology, violence and trauma and is involved with AWARE. Right when they decide it is best to go is when it is most dangerous, Williams and Mayer said.“That’s when things get ugly,” Williams said.

Their abusers have lost control and one theory of violence says people act aggressively or violently to maintain that control, Boulter said.

Earlier, Brooks’ parents said Jackson would send their daughter inappropriate or dirty messages. In October, when a deputy talked to Brooks at Allegiance Health, where she was treated for injuries Jackson inflicted, she said he had “put his hands on her” two or three times in the past. After a while, victims learn that perpetrators’ threats are serious. They might have been made to feel alone or to blame. Their boyfriend or girlfriend is not always hurtful and the two have a history. “If someone is told over and over again that they are worthless, if you are told that violent sex is OK, you don’t understand that is not the way things are supposed to happen.

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