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"I'll just come out and tell you, I feel very blessed--this lifestyle is wonderful," one of Centennial Park’s residents, a businessman with three wives, told TV reporter Lisa Ling in 2007."We bring these women into the home and they are treated incredibly.

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Centennial Park, a tiny community of less than 1,500 people residents nestled on the edge of Colorado City in Mohave County, Ariz., isn’t a place that stands out in most ways.

The median household income of around $45,000 is a little below the statewide average but still respectable.

In Europe, however, the classical Greeks and Romans established monogamy as the legal norm--though in both societies, men still were allowed to have plural relationships with female slaves) —and it’s stayed that way ever since.

It was in America that plural marriage first reemerged in western culture.

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