Backend dating

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At the same time we consider it vitally important to give our clients all the features and customization flexibility they might ever need.

Online business in this day and age has a certain level of expectations, and we try our best to surpass them.

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My goal here is to lay the foundation for further discussion and see if we can define the lines together.

Free trial on Treehouse: Do you want to learn more about back end and front end web development? The differences between design and development actually lead to more of a discussion around frontend and backend web work. When we discuss the “frontend” of the web, what we’re really talking about is the part of the web that you can see and interact with.

That’s why Ska Date is not just a dating site software, but an entire platform supplemented with native i OS and Android mobile dating apps, complete with customization and re-branding options.

As market leaders we cater to all kinds of audiences, hence we have several dating solutions, no matter what your business type is – a budget turn-key startup or expanding enterprise with custom needs.

Datingbackend is a true private label niche dating platform.

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