Battlefield 2 stats not updating

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Aquan Prime Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.4MB] – UPDATED: APRIL 2016 Terran Alliance Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.4MB] – UPDATED: APRIL 2016 Sorylian Collective Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.4MB] – UPDATED: APRIL 2016 Directorate Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.4MB] – UPDATED: APRIL 2016 Relthoza Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.4MB] – UPDATED: APRIL 2016 Dindrenzi Federation Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.4MB] – UPDATED: APRIL 2016 Alliance Race Guides and other Statistics Zenian League Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.4MB] – UPDATED: 17-MAR-2015 Alliance of Kurak Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.4MB] – UPDATED: 06-NOV-2015 Marauders and Mercenaries [PDF, 0.6MB] – UPDATED: 17-AUG-2014 New OSO Ships-Cruiser-Escort Carrier-Light Cruiser_UPDATED [PDF, 0.9MB] – 15-JUL-2016 Gaming Aids Token Sheet 1 [JPEG, 1.0MB] Token Sheet 2 [JPEG, 1.0MB] Template Sheet [JPEG, 1.0MB] TACs Compiled [PDF, 0.8MB] – UPDATED: 09-MAY-2014 Campaign form [PDF, 0.05MB] v1.2 – UPDATED: 24-FEB-2015Core Rules Dystopian Legions Rulebook [PDF, 24.2MB] v1.2 – UPDATED: 24-FEB-2015 Dystopian Legions FAQ [PDF, 0.5MB] – UPDATED: 02-NOV-2015 Codename Iron Scorpion Booklet [PDF, 3MB] – UPDATED: 13-OCT-2014 This A5 document contains the statistics for the models that can be found inside the Codename Iron Scorpion Two Player Battle Box.The contents of this PDF override the contents of the printed booklet.

We will continue to monitor feedback on these Nations and make changes when needed.

These are, along with the core seven nations, designed to make your gaming experience fun and enjoyable and we appreciate your assistance in their ongoing development: fleet_action_black_wolf – UPDATED: 26-SEP-2016 fleet_action_chinese_federation – UPDATED: 23-SEP-2016 fleet_action_dominion_of_canada – UPDATED: 23-SEP-2016 fleet_action_east_india_merchant_company – UPDATED: 23-SEP-2016 fleet_action_free_australians – UPDATED: 26-SEP-2016 fleet_action_honorable_eclipse_company – UPDATED: 26-SEP-2016 fleet_action_indian_raj – UPDATED: 26-SEP-2016 fleet_action_kingdom_of_denmark – UPDATED: 26-SEP-2016 fleet_action_league_of_italian_states – UPDATED: 26-SEP-2016 fleet_action_ottoman_empire – UPDATED: 23-SEP-2016 fleet_action_polish_lithuanian_commonwealth – UPDATED: 23-SEP-2016 fleet_action_royal_australians – UPDATED: 26-SEP-2016 fleet_action_teutonic_order – UPDATED: 23-SEP-2016 Kingdom of Britannia Magnate Class Battleship – Magnate Battleships Prussian Empire Eider Class Battleship – Eider Battleships Federated States of America Mississippi Class Battleship – Mississippi Battleships Empire of the Blazing Sun Yokai Class Battleship – Yokei Battleships The following three Battleship statistics are being released now so players can view them prior to the model release.

Hopefully it will be useful to some other people – please do feel free to drop a comment if you have something to add or feel a correction needs to be made somewhere.

After all, Firaxis is still heavily patching Civ 5, and some of the stats might change.

id=779965489 )- Physics improvements- Main menu redesign- Larger max voxel tool size (creative)- Added explosion visual effect after destruction of certain blocks- Ability to select a default camera in a remote control block- Particle effects improvements- Parallelization (Loading of grids is now processed asynchronously.

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