Benefit of updating microsoft skills

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If you're training for a particular job, make sure to take a course that uses the same version of Office as your workplace, as each iteration varies slightly.

I am an accountancy professional with 25 years experience in working in busy finance departments.

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Some jobs require skill with Office programs other than Word, Excel and Outlook.

For example, if you need to make presentations, you'll need skills in Power Point, including the ability to format slides, apply transitions and insert media, such as images and videos, from other programs.

Microsoft Office consists of several applications used in almost every field of employment, such as Word, as well as other programs for less common tasks, such as Visio and Lync.

While the specific Office skills needed to complete a project vary from job to job, being able to use Word, Excel and Outlook will help in most occupations.

While Microsoft Excel is the most used spreadsheet in the world, there are some decent alternatives that are a lot of cheaper.

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