Black peril conference adult chat line - Benzino is dating

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Meet pretty Althea Heart, she is the girlfriend turned fiancee of rapper Benzino who was recently shot by his nephew Gai Scott while riding to his mother’s funeral, Mrs. Atlanta-area rapper аnd reality TV star Benzino born Raymond Scott, thе 48-year-old fоrmеr owner оf thе premiere hip hор magazine Thе Source wаѕ shot оn hiѕ wау tо hiѕ mother’s funeral service аftеr аn altercation with a rеlаtivе Saturday in Massachusetts.

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Benzino appears to be done with his search for a soulmate. CAUSE I HAVE FOUND MY ANGEL, I CAN SAY I KNOW WHAT LOVE IS NOW!!

Yesterday on Instagram, he posted the above photo of his new girlfriend, Althea Heart, with a ring on her finger, writing, “All my life i’ve been waiting for God to bless me with the stregnth to finally step up and be a MAN!! ” This image was just one of many ring shots he posted to his page. co-stars, as there are photos of the couple posing with Stevie J, Joseline, Kirk, Rasheeda, and Traci Steele all over the place — but Benzino is not inviting Karlie Redd to the engagement party any time soon.

Professionally he is known by this name Benzino but originally his name is Raymond Scott.

His mother is of Cape ancestry whereas his father is of Rican descent.

For both of them this is not good at all, because this will effect on grooming of son.

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