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Below you'll find Feedback from Comic-Con 2012 Day 1 Part 1 with Holliston's Joe Lynch and Adam Green.Feedback is taking the show on the road to Comic-Con 2012.

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Feedback's Comic-Con 2012 show was the perfect opportunity to catch up with former G4 star Kevin Pereira. Feedback welcomed comic book icon and DC Comics Co-Publisher, Jim Lee, to the show during Day 2 of our Comic-Con coverage.

Since leaving G4 he's been busy bringing leet Up to a city near you. Blair Herter and Jim Lee geeked out about their favorite comics, talked Comic-Con and, as always, answered your questions. Feast your eyes and ears on Feedback From Comic-Con 2012 Day 2 with DC Comics Jim Lee.

Join Jim, Nikole, and Gweedz as they track the happenings of the video game industry, serving up equal doses of entertainment and expert commentary (in between serving drinks).

The Game Show is: Explicit Gaming Coverage..a girl.

Determined to prove Roger Ebert wrong when he says that "video games can never be art," the crew mashes together Super Mario Bros.

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