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This post is a collection of frequently and infrequently asked questions about the Bloomberg Professional API, most specifically the Bloomberg Excel Add-in.For the most part, it should be considered for experts, so please don’t be disheartened if it is too advanced for you; it’s effectively everything I know about the topic. fin = open('noblanks.txt') fout = open('withblanks.txt', 'w') for line in fin: id = line.rstrip() fout.write(id "\t=BDS(\"" id "Corp\",\"AMENDMENT_HISTORY\",\"cols=3;rows=100\")") fout.write('\t\n' * 100) fin.close() fout.close() The generated file is tab-delimited and can be opened in Excel for Bloomberg to action.

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Since the Bloomberg Add-in is locked in VBE, I cannot find out the necessary code. Can any Bloomberg expert/user point me in the right direction? Clicking the Ribbon button clears the cache and then reloads the data.

Using the Bloomberg API, you'll need to do the same (something like @creamyegg Hi, thanks for replying.

To install Bloomberg Excel Add-In, close all Excel spreadsheets and follow this path: Start The API (Bloomberg Data in Excel) training video will guide you through how to download current and historical data using the Import Data Wizard.

It also shows how to construct Bloomberg formulas and use Function Builder to extract Bloomberg data into Excel.

Take a look at the examples on the Bloomberg API page (I can't remember the name of the page) on Bloomberg. Sorry, I don't know the name of the Reference off hand and I don't have access to Bloomberg any more. Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic End Sub LOL :) I understand but do you think Bloomberg would approve it?

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