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As any preacher or educator knows, nothing preaches or teaches principles and precepts to a student as loudly as a preacher's or an educator's example.

Through BJU's interracial dating/marriage spectacle, the entire country came to link Bob Jones University - and its students, graduates, and faculty - with an ill-conceived, bigoted religious doctrine, proclaimed by Bob Jones III to be based upon the Bible. A primary fundamentalist conviction of Bob Jones University is that the Scriptures forbid interracial dating and marriage..." (I remember being taught at BJU that "convictions are carefully based upon Scripture and never change whereas preferences can change at will.")When the Supreme Court ruled against Bob Jones III and his Rules in 1983, Mr.

Russia did this to religion a long time ago; it just took us a little longer...""We believe the policy that has gotten us in difficulty is a Bible policy and we're going to hold onto it... We will pay the taxes we have to pay and trust the Lord to sustain the institution as long as He wants to sustain it."1.

"The university had a policy, based on its understanding of the Bible, that forbade interracial dating and marriage among its students.

Apparently such clear statements were not granted authority by Mr.

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