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Carnivals or local fairs are excellent date night choices.

From rides to games, there is a lot to do, so you can find a lot to talk about.

The desire – the passion – the chase and ultimately the marriage of the husband to the wife – and Christ to the church. Yet my people have forgotten me over and over again. The lovers will then rob their jewelry, stone them, and hack them to pieces (Ezek. Your loyalty to me is like the morning mist, like dew that vanishes early.” Don’t you see, he adds, “loyalty is my desire, not sacrifice” (Hos. Love will heal: it will reveal the eternal identity and make all things new.

God is a passionate lover, and passion can fuel anger. God also desires Israel for his bride: “For, as a young man weds a maiden, so you shall wed him who rebuilds you”. God in relation to his people is depicted as having rescued them as a newborn baby lying in their own blood, raised them to full maturity, gave them fine clothes and jewelry, provided for them the best of foods, and presented them with sons and daughters (Ezek. In return, they (you might say us) imperviously fornicates. Come, God says, and Israel may be “fair as the olive” and “flourish like a vine” (Hos. Then God, the greatest and most persistent lover ever changes tack. He comes to us and takes on the nature of the most lowly slave.

Plus, most museums have some sort of restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat.

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