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Proceedings of the 4th Historic Mortars Conference HMC 2016 10th-12th October 2016, Santorini, Greece. MVS C14 dating lime mortars HMC2016 2014 Lindroos, Alf, Edwin Orsel, Edwin, Jan Heinemeier, Jan-Olof Lill, Radiocarbon Dating of Dutch Mortars Made from Burned Shell. Ringbom, Åsa, The Story of Mortar Dating, from an Archaeological Point of View, Keynote lecture at the Third Mortardating Workshop in Padova, April 14-16. The volume includes, among others, the following articles by the mortar dating team: Ringbom Å, Heinemeier J, Lindroos A, Brock F. BRA bra_ringbom_et_al Langley MM, Maloney SJ, Ringbom Å, Heinemeier J, Lindroos A. Föredrag hållet vid Finska Vetenskaps-Societetens symposium Aktuell forskning den , Societas Scientiarum Fennica, Sphinx årsbok 2010-2011, 17-28. Problems in Radiocarbon Dating of Roman Pozzolana Mortars, 214-230. Lindroos, Dating of lime mortar – Preparation of the sample, a challenge for the geologist and the mineral chemist, Iskos 11, 1997, 208-213.

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Jr., Successful technique of dating of lime mortars by carbon-14, Journal of Field Archaeology 3, 1976, 203-208.

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Hale, Poster Chicago 2014 2013 Ringbom, Å., Heinemeier, J., Lindroos, A., Mörteldatering og Kirkearkaeologi. Aktuel Naturvidenskab 6 2012 Lindroos, Alf, Lior Regev, Markku Oinonen, Åsa Ringbom, Jan Heinemeier, 2012, 14C Dating of Fire-Damaged Mortars From Medieval Finland, RADIOCARBON Vol 54. ISBN 987-952-5614-43-8 (translation of Åländska kyrkor berättar from 2010). Download Chapter 3, The Åland Churches Project and the Necessity of Interdisciplinary Research. 14C Dating of Roman Mortars – Preliminary Tests Using Diluted Hydrochloric Acid Injected in Batches, 209-213.

The Voice of the Åland Churches, Chapter 3 Ringbom, Åsa, Tvärvetenskap och Ålands kyrkor – äntligen klarnar kronologin.. bra_hodgins_et_al Lindroos A, Heinemeier J, Ringbom Å, Brock F, Sonck-Koota P, Pehkonen M, Suksi J.

Ringbom, Åsa, abstract Padova Ringbom, Å., Lindroos, A., Heinemeier, J., Sonck-Koota, Pia, C and Archaeology, Ghent April 2013, RADIOCARBON Vol 56, Nr 2, 2014, p 619–635, 2014, Ringbom et al. Mortar dating and roman pozzolana, results and interpretations. A Comparison of Dating Techniques at Torre de Palma, Portugal: Mortars and Ceramics, 242-256.

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