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by  |  03-Feb-2017 03:36

Generally death isn’t that quick for all of us and those who make it to the long bitter end will need some help at some time. There are many things I can’t see and I drive my wife crazy asking what she sees, thankfully she tolerates me.

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That is what I’m thankful for I have someone where we help each other, and its O. But alas we are beyond the silliness of procreation.

If you have a congenital disorder you are going to have an interesting time finding a mate and a mate’s family that is interested in your, questionable gene’s. If you read the blog you’ll find my family betrayed me and my children’s mouther, and ultimately my children, my family of origin didn’t share the details about how our congenital disorder is spread.

Minus of course the genetic issues discussion noted below.

If a sighted person is very conscious of status or image walk away you don’t need the trouble.

Have you heard the song, “Sweet Dreams” from the Eurythmics? A guide dog on the other hand is very handy in meeting people.

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