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That meant he passed judgment on others in the congregation, deciding whether or not they had sinned and how they would be punished. In addition to a legal, secular divorce, she needed a “spiritual” divorce, otherwise, the church would still consider her his wife.

In a letter to church elders, she writes that she tried to be a “good, submissive wife,” and “almost always pushed aside my personal feelings so that he would be happy.” She details the emotional and sexual abuse, but does not cite forced marriage; only recently did she even hear the term. I wanted out of the marriage, not because I was pushed into it, but because of the abuse that was triggering all of my past abuse,” she says.

“The Witnesses believe that when you’re married, you are obligated to deliver sex whenever your husband wants it,” she explains.

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In their congregation, the pressure to get married early was intense. “Once the announcement was made in church that we were getting married, I was trapped,” she says.

“I couldn’t back out of it.” Marsh would do anything to stay in her mother’s good graces; she couldn’t bear the thought of losing her again. “I wanted to run, but I didn’t dare.” She had told her husband about her history of sexual abuse, but he told her not to worry, that they would get through it together.

5, when Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced S-7, the “Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act,” he introduced a three-pronged piece of legislation to address the problem at home and abroad.

Alexander cited the 2012 Shafia honour killings, in which an immigrant from Afghanistan, his second wife and his only son conspired to drown the family’s three teenage daughters, because their “Westernized behaviour” had shamed the family.

They never knew what would set her off; two weeks before, Marsh had got it for not cleaning the house properly.

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