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Only the Cobalto Calipers are offered at this time and are pictured in the Record flyer. Content of the white catalogs compared to 1986 catalogs seems to indicate these simply may not have been final revisions.

The next two catalogs both show Cobalto calipers and as such are probably both catalogs from 1986. First use of the Campagnolo Alphabet, and the only year the alphabet character was placed above the Campagnolo Logo. This catalog identified the Record road components as the "Record Corsa group", and the Track Components as "Record Track group".

The Record brake remained largely unchanged until it was replaced by the C Record Delta, above.

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By the 1990s, Campag were offering several group sets in different quality and price ranges, for both racing and touring.

Above is the Chorus long cage model, 1993, featuring a swivelable parallogram with A and B positions for close- or wide-ratio blocks. Note also that the parallelogram now runs parallel to the chainstay, unlike the design from the Gran Sport to the C Record.

Above: the Delta mechanism is all underneath a coverplate, well protected against grit.

The shoes could be adjusted for roll, pitch, and yaw, and the entire brake body could be slid up or down on the mount.

Above, the so-called rod gear was actuated by a rod behind the saddle. Spence Wolf of Cupertino Bike shop offered his own long cages (above). The basic design was the same, but it featured exotic-alloy bolts and black trim.

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