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If you've begun looking for vintage, antique American cast iron cookware for your kitchen, it's practically a guarantee that you'll hear about Griswold and Wagner, brands considered to be the "gold standard" of cast iron cookware. Among the most popular of that kind are the "unmarked" cast iron pans – ones that don't have the manufacturer stamp on the bottom.But when you go looking for these pans on e Bay and in antique malls, you'll soon find they are almost always overpriced and expensive. Many people across the country, and around the world, have one or more of these "unmarked" pans.

It is known that the first series of Birmingham Stove & Range cast iron pans, the series, was introduced in the year 1930.

This name was based upon the geographic area around Birmingham, Alabama, known as the Red Mountain area – an area so rich in iron ore, the rock faces have a reddish tinge from the hematite iron ore present in the landscape.

This separate foundry was named Birmingham Stove & Range.

Many of the original records from Atlanta Stove Works have been lost, especially because the original factory burned down in 1915 and was re-built.

I believe that I'll buy mine new and season it myself unless it is inherited and I know the history. Clean it up, stick it in a 450 degree oven or a good hot fire, and it's as sanitary as an operating table.

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