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- Flaxseeds and Breast Cancer https:// Here's an excerpt from the conclusion "While research has shown some benefits with regards to ER breast cancer cell death and prevention of metastases within mice and cellular models, it is recommended that human intake should be through diet only, not supplementation.

Only moderate amounts of ground flaxseeds, up to two to three tablespoons per day at most, should be eaten.

I have people telling me that cancer feeds on what we all eat. Sheryl is a patient educator at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. However, there are a lot of myths out there about sugar feeding cancer, and acid vs. These are all myths that have been around for years. This blog talks about the Mediterranean diet and cancer survivors (one of the most studied) Sign up now What we eat plays a key role in keeping us healthy and protecting from major diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.

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@collen_young, @smness thank you both for your information. Functional foods are whole and unprocessed, such as fresh berries, cauliflower or broccoli — or they may have ingredients added to them, such as low-fat yogurt with live cultures.

I wrote about diet and healthy eating a couple of times on the Living with Cancer blog. June 26, 2014 Living With Cancer Subscribe to our Living With Cancer e-newsletter to stay up to date on cancer topics.

Maintaining an optimum weight is at least as important as diet, as is exercise.

If you are tempted to try a bunch of supplements, don't. Hi, Lacey here, I enjoyed all the comment regarding the right kinds of food for whom-ever had or has cancer.

Here are a few tips to add more functional foods to your daily routine: Add more fresh or frozen, ready to use vegetables to soups, salads and casseroles. I have been eating ground flaxseed every morning in my yogurt (3Tbls) for the last 15 years. I started it because of high cholesterol which because of it has gone back to normal.

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