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His lawyer, Joshua Dratel, has said Ulbricht is not the man authorities say he is — the Silk Road creator known until recently only by his alias, “Dread Pirate Roberts” — and that he will seek bail at a hearing on Nov. Green was not the first person to be arrested as a Silk Road drug dealer; Baltimore resident Jacob George has admitted that he told Homeland Security investigators about his sales as early as January 2012.Nor was Green the biggest alleged dealer to end up in custody; Steven Sadler, a Washington state resident who has cooperated with the government since July, was a top dealer known by the alias “nod.” But Green was certainly the most important."Technically, an 80mg oxycontin is equal to 40mg of opana ER. Now, if you snort them, 40mg of opana is 2 or 3 times the strength vs a snorted 80mg oxy,” he once wrote as chronicpain.

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The revelation that federal authorities had arrested one of Silk Road’s few administrators, a man who had access to the financial accounts of all of the site’s members, including the creator himself, fills in a piece of the mystery behind the fall of one of the 21st century’s most notorious online enterprises.

Green’s faked death has given rise, among Silk Road observers and some former participants, to speculation that he may have cooperated with investigators.

As an administrator, Green’s plea agreement states, he was paid a salary and given responsibilities that included dealing with buyers’ and sellers’ complaints, resolving their disputes and watching out for possible law enforcement investigations.

He could see messages passed between users, details of their transactions, and accounts held by users and administrators alike in the semi-anonymous virtual currency known as bitcoin, the only means of exchange on Silk Road. Postal Service inspector, working undercover, delivered the shipment, and soon afterward Green’s home was raided by agents from the Marco Polo task force, the Drug Enforcement Administration, Homeland Security and the Secret Service, as well as by additional postal inspectors, who found him with the opened package of cocaine.

Ulbricht and the agent negotiated the hit for 20 days, prosecutors say, before the agent sent Ulbricht “staged photographs” of Green being tortured. 19, the agent emailed to say that Green had been killed; two days after that, he sent a “staged photograph that purported to depict (Green’s) dead body,” explaining that Green had died of “’asphyxiation/heart rupture’ while being tortured.” The agent later claimed that Green’s body had been “completely destroyed to eliminate evidence.” Though he is not identified by name as the “dead” administrator in the indictment against Ulbricht, and the Maryland U. attorney’s office would not confirm that the two were the same person, Green has reportedly confirmed his role as the Silk Road administrator in the staged photographs.

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