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Nothing fabulous about it no Oil lol Keep up the entrapment and trying to make an example out of Posted Mar 27, 2016 at Outlawing a petty issue such as patronizing a prostitute, which for the most part do it for a living, just makes for people who would take advantage of the prostitution black market, just like alcohol and marijuana did before they became legal. Posted Sep 24, 2016 at Pretty sad that it’s 2016 and this stuff isn’t legal.

In many countries prostitution is legal, and a reason for women to make their money the way they want, and the way they enjoy their bodies or their freedom. You’d think consenting adults would be allowed to do as they please with their bodies and money.

That does not necessarily mean there is enough evidence to find you guilty, but police may have “probable cause” to make an arrest.

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They should make sure to close or band the websait.

Other wise they will mess up for those who have clear background check history, specially for non American or those who we live in US as migrant Posted Mar 22, 2016 at Why isn’t there outrage and tax payer unrest that is rallying against these types of sting operations ?

KENT REPORTER ARTICLE HERE If you have been charged in the Kent Municipal Court or anywhere in King County, Washington with patronizing a prostitute then you should read this article.

You can learn more by visiting our PATRONIZING A PROSTITUTE WEBPAGE or by calling John T Law at (425) 533-2156 for a free consultation.

Although, you probably cannot be charged with prostitution you are likely to be breaking a number of laws.

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